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New website

Friday, June 6th, 2008

2 Months of design and development on The web team in Vulcan Inc. finally finished the site.
My role in this project was creating the flash menu header to show case the plane collections, and e-cards editors.

  • The flash menu header has individual animation of the plane flying from the menu slider area into the showcase area.
  • The javascript on the page is triggered every time user click on the plane and load the related articles regarding the selected plane
  • E-Cards editor has 2 parts, the first one is using the photo collection from the plane and add captions overlaying the photo. User can send the compiled images to their friends.
  • The second part of the editor is using PaperVision 3D to show plane model, customize texture of the plane, add captions, change background and send the arrange 3D view to user’s friends.
  • Additionally I also made FLV Player using Flex to showcase FHC Movie collections.

Overall, I learned a lot on PaperVision and posting images to asp server using the screen bitmap data.
Click on the images to jump to the site.