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Card Sorting Method Presentation

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

As part of the assignment in the Technical Communication classes that I am taking to get ( eventually ) Master degree in UX, each of us ( in a group pair ) must read a chapter from the UX book ( Understanding Your User ) about method in UX study and presenting it to the class.

My group has the chance to presenting Card Sorting Method. Here is the slide that we use in the card sorting presentation. We want to make a presentation that’s not too long for the class, doesn’t have too many lengthy sentence / words and want to keep it interesting. So we come up with presentation with lots of sketches and diagrams to keep it light and interesting. Enjoy … and yes the sketches was made from scratch by me 🙂

Enso Penthouse Kiosk @ Discovery Center

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Real Estate group ask me to create a kiosk for Discovery Center to showcasing their Enso Living Penthouses. The design was taken from the original website with special tweaking to conform with the wide screen format ( kiosk ).

Application information :

  • Architecture : PureMVC framework
  • XML based configuration ( for ease of updating unit availability and updating any text in the application )
  • All images and swfs are external assets that downloaded dynamically
  • Flex 3, deMonster Debugger, Tweener, FDT

Here is the video to give an overview of what the project looks like.

Or you can visit South Lake Union Discovery Center ( ) for more information.